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Imagine in one hand you have a Pyramid, the world's simplest VPN router. In the other, you have a Raspberry Pi, the best selling computer in British history.  Now, put your hands together...
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20x Better Speeds vs Pyramid V1. Twice as fast would be impressive. Twenty times faster is just insane. Gaming. 4K Streaming. Video Calls. Downloads. VPN without the buffering with speeds of up to 900Mbps+.
Designed for Raspberry Pi. Under the hood is a tiny Raspberry Pi 4b computer. Its snappy CPU lifts VPN performance. And the Pyramid software alongside a 1300Mbps WiFi adapter turns it into an incredible VPN router. Your Pi comes preconfigured with 100+ VPN locations and works out of the box. 
All-new Pyramid App. 90 second setup. Fast VPN switching. Adblock. Automatic updates and more. Shiny new hardware deserves a software experience to match. Control your Pyramid effortlessly from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Plug and Play. Pyramid Pi plugs into your router and broadcasts its own VPN WiFi network. Any device, including those which don't normally support VPN apps such as PS5, Xbox, Roku, Switch or Smart TVs, can connect in seconds.
90 second setup. Plug it in to your router and connect in seconds.
Over 100 VPN locations. 900Mbps Max Speeds.
All-new superfast and simple app
100% compatibility with all devices, even TVs and consoles.
Block ads, trackers and threats.
A Raspberry Pi 4b under the hood.
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Browse Anywhere
Switch location - bypass region restrictions or access your favourite TV from home when away.
Network-level adblock for website and apps. Block ads, trackers and dangerous sites.
120+ VPN Countries
Thousands of servers in over 120 countries and support for major streaming services.
100% Compatibility
Pyramid works with any device that supports WiFi. Including Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, PS5, XBOX and more.
One-Tap Install
No need to sign in or manually install VPN on each and every device, and no device limits. Connect to VPN over WiFi.
Secure Browsing
Pyramid encrypts all of your browsing data to keep it private for your eyes only. Also keeping you safer on insecure Public WiFi.
Easy to use App
Pyramid has an easy to use app for iPhone and Android. Setup in 90 seconds,  switch location or manage settings.
Automatic Updates
Pyramid gets better with age with automatic app updates for iPhone and Android.
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Raspberry Pi is a trademark of Raspberry Pi Limited. Pyramid OS and the Pyramid WiFi Adapter are products designed to be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4b and are developed by Pyramid WiFi Limited, an independent company.

Requires fast internet connection for fast VPN speeds. Speeds also depend on your internet service quality, location, network congestion, device capabilities and other factors and may differ from maximum speeds. 

Power adapter required (5v3a recommended). For more info on power requirements, see